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The Hess Difference

Hess Home Builders has been a leader in building Lancaster County homes since 1964. We pride ourselves on innovation, attention to detail and a genuine desire to deliver the perfect home for you and your family. Below are a few of the reasons our structures deserve to be called your home.

Dedicated Project Managers
We have project managers to take you through the entire building process. If you have any questions or concerns throughout the building of your home we will be available to answer them.

Pre-construction Meetings
Before we start work on your home we make sure you thoroughly understand every aspect of your new home.

Poured Foundations Plus Seal Coating
We understand the importance of a dry basement. We use solid poured concrete instead of concrete blocks and mortar. This technique adds strength and prevents moisture.

Engineered Roof Trusses
The roof system is professionally engineered to withstand the elements.

Maintenance-Free Exteriors
Utilizing the most current building materials to eliminate the need for exterior painting.

"H" Clips
The "H" Clip is used to reinforce OSB roof sheathing between the trusses to eliminate waves in the finished roof.

2" by 6" Exterior Walls with Solid Sheeting
Instead of using 2" by 4"s all exterior walls are built with 2" by 6"s and covered with solid sheeting. This step makes the walls quieter, stronger and better insulated.

Wood Cross-Bracing
Not only does wood cross-bracing have more strength than metal it reduces the possibility of noisy floors.

Higher Grade of Sub-Floors
“Standard” OSB sub floors are sub par quality these days. We use only “ADVANTECH” or equal sub floors as a Standard on all of our owner occupied homes.

Triple Hinge Doors
With the addition of a third hinge rather than the standard two door hinges, we reduce warping possibility of doors and allow better operation and security.

Super Seal Package
Every Hess Home receives a thorough super seal inspection and service. Our trained professionals inspect every home prior to installation of drywall for potential air infiltration locations. All infiltration points are filled with expanding foam or proper caulk to insure that you home is air tight. This process substantially increases energy efficiency and Indoor Air Quality.

High-Efficiency HVAC equipment
Proper sizing of HVAC equipment is often overlooked. Every Hess Home features HVAC equipment sized properly for maximum efficiency, and all units are a 94+ rating with a SEER of 13 AC.

25-Year Roof
Our shingles carry a 25-Year prorated warranty.

Our Reputation
We've been crafting quality homes in Central PA for the past 50 years. We have proven that we can stand the test of time in a volatile industry because of our family-oriented focus and our willingness to stand behind our work. Contact us today to learn more about our homes, meet our team and discuss making your next home a Hess home.

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